What Does a RAC-Approved Garage Mean? Your Top Questions Answered

Approved Garage

If you have a vehicle and need to have it serviced, you have two options – you can have it repaired or serviced at a regular garage, or you can have it seen at a RAC-approved garage. You may have heard of the term ‘RAC-approved,’ but what exactly does it mean? To give you a better idea, a RAC-approved garage is a network set up by the RAC to help drivers or motorists in the UK find an excellent garage that will give them the service and maintenance they deserve. It essentially means that a RAC-approved garage will always follow a standard of service set by the RAC, and no driver or motorist will be unduly charged or taken advantage of. But what else can you expect from a RAC-approved garage, and what does it mean? Here are the answers to your top questions. 

The RAC-approved garage network: basic facts  

As mentioned, the RAC-approved garage network was started to help UK motorists find reliable and high-quality garages wherever they are in the United Kingdom. To date, there are more than 700 RAC-approved garages around the country, and they will all guarantee excellent service and safety. These RAC-approved garages offer a wide variety of products and services and garage services that take care of maintaining a vehicle, including vehicle repair, vehicle diagnostics, tyre-fitting, and air conditioning installation and repair, amongst others. 

But what are the benefits of bringing your vehicle to a garage approved by the RAC? Let’s find out. 

1. Your car or vehicle will always be safe and in secure hands

RAC-approved garages exist for one simple reason, but it’s a big one: so that motorists and drivers in the UK can always bring their vehicles to a garage that has the assurance of safety, bringing them peace of mind as well. The RAC knows that finding a garage that fits your needs can be challenging – much less giving you a trustworthy and commendable service. But a RAC-approved garage offers just that – you can leave your vehicle in their capable hands and know that they will take care of it and give it the safety and service it deserves. In addition, RAC-approved garages follow a strict code of conduct, which means that you can trust them to provide you with excellent service at all times. 

2. You have complete reassurance 

As stated, all RAC-approved garages work with a guarantee – and you will have complete assurance that they will do what is best for your vehicle. There is no cutting of corners like in other garages – you will have the reassurance that they will diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle and do their utmost to fix it. 

3. You can look forward to honest and fair pricing

Unlike your regular garage, which may overcharge you for a product or service, a RAC-approved garage will do no such thing. They take pride in the quality of their work – but they also take pride in charging customers a fair and honest price. Everything done to your vehicle is outlined clearly, and your mechanic will explain what needs to be done and the process. There will be no surprises or hidden charges in the end – everything will be straightforward and upfront. 

4. High-quality workmanship 

The work done on your vehicle will follow the strictest standards of workmanship, and the mechanics working on your car will always be friendly, forthcoming, and free from jargon.

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