Top 5 Reasons to Make a Career Out of Driving

Career Out of Driving

In the 21st century, it’s incredibly easy to make a career out of driving. 

  • Uber has over 3.5 million drivers
  • Amazon has over 400,000 drivers 
  • There are over 18 million worldwide taxi drivers 

Clearly, with so many people driving for a living, there must be a reason for it, right? 

This is true. In fact, there are multiple reasons why millions of individuals are making a career out of driving. If you’re someone with a passion for the road who’s been giving serious consideration to starting a driving career, here are five reasons that will give you an extra little convincing:

1. Be Self-Employed 

Most modern-day drivers are self-employed. This provides them with greater: 

  • Freedom 
  • Flexibility 
  • Career choices 

Upon receiving their taxi driver licenses, many people decide to buy their own taxis and work on a self-employed basis. This is something you can do, too. All you need to do is check out the taxis provided by cabdirect. If you’re highly ambitious, you might even want to start your own taxi business, invest in multiple taxis, and then start hiring drivers. 

2. Experience Work-Life Balance 

When it comes to driving careers, most drivers experience an excellent work-life balance. They get to pick their own hours and work at a reasonable pace, which is invaluable in today’s world. If you’re passionate about balancing your career and personal life, then this is something important that you’ll want to keep in mind! 

3. See the World 

No matter who you work for, you’re going to see parts of the world you’ve never seen before. 

For example, if you drive for Uber in the UK, you’ll likely spend most weeks driving to airports, countryside spots, and more. When you’re getting paid well for this, you’ll quickly realize how much of a privilege it is! 

4. Work for Big Companies 

If you decide to start a driving career, you have the opportunity to work for big companies who provide their employees with exciting benefits. 

Consider Amazon for a second. Amazon drivers receive:

  • Flexible schedules 
  • Health coverage 
  • Paid time off 

On top of all this, you get to experience a sense of pride, as driving for companies like Amazon makes you an important part of the global supply chain. Without you, customers wouldn’t receive their products!

5. Job Security

Whether you become a taxi driver or delivery driver, one thing is guaranteed: job security. 

Essentially, no matter which type of driving job you undertake, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in a safe, secure, and prosperous industry! Not to mention, most drivers today earn health salaries. The average annual salary for a taxi driver in the UK is £27,377 (Indeed). When you consider overtime and other key factors, you can even end up earning more than this! 


If you were unsure before, you’re now in the clear regarding why a driving career is the way to go. Make sure to think carefully about the type of driver you want to be before applying for jobs or starting your own business. Best of luck!

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