New baby gift baskets

Putting together a gift basket for a new baby requires just a little thoughtfulness and some creativity. New parents are deluged with gifts and items that are not always useful or needed. Therefore, it is essential to invest some time, effort and thoughtfulness in selecting appropriate and useful baby gift items that will be appreciated and cherished.

New baby gift baskets

Choosing a Gift Basket

The first step in creating a baby gift basket will be to select the right basket. It can be either wicker or plastic. If choosing wicker, paint it in a beautiful pastel color. The size should be big enough to accommodate all the gifts that will be a part of the hamper. Wrap a broad ribbon around the rim of the basket and stick on some cute baby stickers.

Baby Nursery Items

Crib mobiles, diaper bags, baby nursery bedding, even wall clocks and other items that can be used in the nursery will always be welcome. If the nursery has a particular theme, it will be a good idea to buy paintings and pictures in the same tone and color scheme. Photo frames and albums as well as a few baby storybooks will all find place in the baby’s nursery.

Choosing Baby Food and Bath Products

Baby food products are a great gift since they will surely be needed in a few months’ time. So, put in a few jars of organic baby food since these will be free of chemicals. Baby bath products are another hot favorite with new parents. It is easy to put a few bottles of baby bubble bath, tear-free shampoo, talc and lotion. Make sure that all products are of a good brand and hypoallergenic.

Baby Clothing and Accessories

Baby clothing can be included in the baby gift basket. However, do remember that clothes are an all-time favorite gift so the new parents will be receiving a lot of them. A good idea will be to probably, put in a few special clothes, such as, a delicate, handmade dress for a baby girl or a monogrammed t-shirt for a boy.

baby gift baskets

Accessories such as feeding bottles, diapers, burp cloths, bibs, towels and other useful baby products can all be a part of the new baby gift basket. Not only are they needed by new parents, but are also usually in short supply since they are used heavily and need frequent replacing.

Personalized Baby Gifts

Including one or two personalized baby gifts will complete the baby basket. However, these are mainly possible only if baby’s name has been decided. Personalized gifts can include handcrafted soft toys with baby’s name (if it has been decided), monogrammed clothes or towels or blankets, a pillow with baby’s birth details embroidered or anything else that will be truly unique and special.

Some more tips for creating a new baby gift basket and making it truly special –

Decorate the basket with ribbons, bows, balloons and soft toys.
Ensure that all products are safe and easy to use.
It will be a good idea to include a few things for the new parents exclusively. A book on baby care, a relaxing audio tape, some lavender candles or even, a simple shopping voucher for the new mom will all be much appreciated.
If costs are a constraint, shop for baby gifts online and take advantage of sales and discounts.
Fold, roll and stack the gifts so that the basket looks appealing, abundant and well-made.
Be innovative with packaging. Susan Maggio Larberg (Gift Baskets: Making it Personal, 2003), suggests using a baby bath basin stocked with bath products or a car seat filled with baby items that may be needed during a car ride.

Putting together a hamper filled with these thoughtful and useful baby products will probably take a little more time than ordering a pre-made gift basket. However, the joy and delight that such a baby gift basket will bring to new parents will be truly heartfelt and make the effort put into assembling it totally worthwhile. For more on baby-related topics, do read How to Organize a Baby Closet, Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Toddlers and How to Organize a Kid’s Room.

How To Make Themed Gift Baskets

Making a gift basket for a friend, loved one or co-worker can be enjoyable and budget-friendly. Stretch your gift shopping dollars by pairing inexpensive filler items with a more expensive gift together in a basket. Naturally gift baskets have the illusion of a larger gift and give you a bigger bang for your buck!

Gift Basket Theme Ideas

Gift Basket Theme Ideas

House Blessing gift basket – depending on the family’s religious beliefs a house blessing gift basket can be filled with sea salts for protection and purification, sage smudge sticks to ward off evil spirits, a talisman or symbol to hang near the entryway, and a book of prayers or poems for the home.

Italian themed gift basket – can be filled with fun pasta, sauces, a baguette or loaf of bread, a bottle of wine or limoncello, and your favorite Italian opera CD.

The Crafty gift basket – for the knitter or quilter on your shopping list. Assemble some fun yarn or colorful swatches of fabric with a book of patterns. Convert a friend by including an I.O.U. (I owe you) card for a lesson in knitting, scrapbooking or a craft you would love to teach.

Cheese and Wine gift basket – pair complimenting cheeses and wines with crackers, artisan bread and fancy cheese knives.

Movie Night gift basket – microwavable popcorn, a DVD miniseries or collection and a bottle of soda will have your gift recipient ready for a movie night in.

New Baby gift basket – diapers, rattles or a unique collection of organic baby care products would go well in a baby gift basket.

Spa gift basket – might include a massaging tool, homemade massage oil, a pumice stone or loofah sponge and other items to create a spa day at home.

When to give a Gift Basket

You are limited only by your imagination but here are some common events to give a gift basket:

Mother’s Day
Thank you
Valentine’s Day
Get Well Soon

Assembling the Gift Basket

A gift basket doesn’t need to be limited to just a basket, the gift giver can use a hat box, a wine box, or even a small crate. Raffia, straw or shreds of colored paper can line the bottom of the basket in which the gifts will sit on. Craft stores sell cellophane plastics that can hold the contents within the basket. Other options include a dishtowel draped over the basket and tied with a ribbon or mesh bag pulled over a small basket.

Inexpensive sources for gift baskets and gift holders include resell or thrift shops such as the Salvation Army where second-hand and gently used items can be obtained. Filler gifts can be purchased in bulk and divided amongst two or more gift baskets.

Some go on to start a gift basket business out of their home and specialize in creating one-of-a-kind gifts for special order.

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