How to buy antique, classic auto insurance

Standard auto insurance doesn’t provide enough coverage for a classic car or custom auto. Learn more about the unique policy coverages and discounts available for import cars, performance cars and sport cars available at classic car insurance companies.

How to buy antique, classic auto insurance

Types of Classic Cars, Custom Autos and Import Cars Covered by Classic Car Insurance Companies
Classic car insurance companies provide rates for collector cars of almost any description. If a car is collectible, chances are there’s an insurance policy that will cover it. Sports cars, high performance cars, import cars and custom autos can all be insured by a classic car insurance company.

Insurance Coverages for High Performance Cars, Exotic Autos and Antique Cars

High performance cars, exotic autos and antique cars demand a specialty insurance policy to ensure vehicles have suitable protection:

A comprehensive insurance policy for a high performance car includes physical damage coverage for perils including theft, fire, car accidents, vandalism, windstorm and more.
Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance provides protection in case someone else or something else is damaged when the owner is driving their antique car.
Uninsured motorist high performance car insurance provides protection in case the owner or family members of the exotic car are injured by someone who doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance.
Medical payments and PIP (personal injury protection) insurance may be required and help pay for medical expenses and bodily injury for owners and family members of a high performance car.

Specialty Insurance Coverages for Custom Autos, Classic Cars and Sport Cars

Additional coverages make collector car insurance rates a little higher than standard auto policies, but provide extra coverage that’s necessary in case of a loss. Some sports car coverage “extras” include:

Agreed value ensures that a classic car that was totally destroyed or stolen is replaced for an agreed-upon value. This is the classic coverage needed for a custom auto and defines the sports car insurance policy. Standard auto insurance policies only provide coverage for listed value, which may not reflect the market value of a sports car today.
Windshield coverage for a classic car ensures that the glass for a sports car can be quickly replaced.
Accessories coverage provides payment in case of a loss for extras like car covers for a custom auto.
Towing and labor for a sports car provide coverage if a classic car breaks down.

Compare Collector Car Insurance Discounts and Rates

Compare discounts for collector car insurance from classic car insurance companies to find the best deal on insurance. Collector car insurance discounts vary by classic car insurance company but often include association discounts, security and safety discounts (like anti-lock brakes and car alarms) and completing a defensive driver course. Compare rates for collector car insurance before buying; they vary widely by type of car insured, driving record, and classic car insurance company.

Classic Motorcycle Insurance

Classic motorcycle insurance quotes are available for people who own custom or vintage motorcycles. Learn more about what factors affect antique motorcycle insurance rates.

Classic Motorcycle Insurance Quotes: Underwriting Criteria

Classic motorcycle insurance rate quotes are based on information specific to the bike. Antique motorcycle insurance rates rely in part on the age of the bike, which for most companies, must be at least 15-20 years old. When reviewing motorcycle insurance quotes online, it’s important to provide information about how bikes are stored. In addition, companies that provide motorcycle insurance quotes online want to know that the motorcycle is used for pleasure trips only and not utilized as a commuter vehicle.

Antique Motorcycle Insurance Rates Vary Based on Drivers

In addition to information about the bike, antique motorcycle insurance rates vary based upon the drivers. Companies that offer motorcycle insurance quotes online are looking for a good driving history. Drivers should have no DUIs or major accidents within the last three years. Owners should also have at least three years’ driving experience to get the best prices on motorcycle insurance quotes online. In order to get the cheapest insurance rates, motorcycle owners should have at least one car or truck for every driver in the home. This lets the insurance company know that the antique motorcycle is not a primary method of transportation for anyone in the home.

Coverages Included in the Classic Motorcycle Insurance Quote

The coverages in the classic motorcycle insurance policy quote are designed for the unique needs of the owners of vintage and custom motorcycles. Coverages vary according to state requirements and insurance companies and include:

Coverages included in the classic motorcycle insurance quote include physical damage. This coverage protects the motorcycle against anything other than collision.
Other than collision coverage includes losses due to theft, vandalism, fire and other sudden, unexpected events.
Collision insurance provides protection for damage to the antique motorcycle caused by the owner.
Personal injury protection provides coverage for medical expenses arising from an accident involving the named insured regardless of who was at fault and is available as part of the classic motorcycle insurance quote in some states.
Uninsured and underinsured motorist provides coverage in case of an accident involving another party without insurance or without adequate insurance to cover the loss.
Liability insurance protects the named insured from lawsuits arising from people or property damaged by an accident caused by the named insured.
Additional coverages may also be available in the motorcycle insurance quote including coverages that protect the bike’s value from depreciation and inflation in case of a loss. Personal property or motorcycle parts coverage may also be available.

Antique Motorcycle Insurance Rate Discounts

Antique motorcycle insurance rate discounts are available to qualifying drivers. Operators can receive discounts for being a member of an approved association. Antique motorcycle insurance rate discounts are also available for motorcycles equipped with anti-theft devices. An increased deductible can also result in a premium savings and a discounted motorcycle insurance rate.

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